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Here, a new corporate identity with an extensive Proproduct catalogue was created. This Proproduct catalogue posed various challenges and required extremely careful planning.

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Navigation and filter function

The entire range includes countless Proproducts with several subcategories that require a suitable filing system and filters.
The end user can search on three levels - by category, quality and colour - to find the most suitable Proproduct as quickly as possible.

Back-end interface

In this case, it was especially important that the client gets a user-friendly back-end interface to maintain the website themselves. This starts with the upload of images and the corresponding assignments of where they need to be displayed and what metatags they have so that the filters mentioned above work properly.

Sales area with login function

Categories and folders are created in the back-end area by the customer themselves. A media pool facilitates the management of uploaded images and documents. The presentation of this data appears automatically in a predefined layout on the website immediately after saving.


We attach great importance to a tidy and well-structured design. Of course, the functionality must not suffer. This also includes the consideration of the responsive structure, so that the online presence is displayed on all standard output devices in the best resolution.

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