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One system, several construction methods

You would like your team to maintain your advertising material independently and achieve a uniform, professional appearance. Our Creator will help you with this:

  1. You determine the purpose of use, which results in the construction method.
  2. Together we develop a visual Prototype for your templates.
  3. We then programme the templates in our Creator.
  4. You can then call up the template via a web browser and adapt the content.
Modular structureCentralised structure
User-friendlinessEasySomewhat more difficult
Modular structure possibleYesNo
Save content centrallyNoYes
Display content on different target mediaNoYes
Display content from feedNoYes
Customise layout based on contentWithin moduleYes
More complex print productsNoYes

Modular construction method

We create various blocks according to your specifications. Each block has a predefined layout.

You then select the appropriate block and enter the desired content there. Your content will then appear in the appropriate design.

You can stack the blocks on top of each other in any order. You can move, adjust or hide the blocks at any time.

If you insert additional blocks, the Creator adds more pages as needed. You can insert as many blocks as you like.

Intended use

Flexibility comes first. This method is ideal for the design of continuous documents:

  • Fact sheets
  • Instructions
  • Sales documentation
  • Dossiers
  • Studies
  • White papers

Central construction method

We create various advertising materials (e.g. flyers, brochures and websites) according to your specifications. Each advertising material has a predefined design and layout.

You enter the content once centrally. The finished advertising material can then be called up.

Intended use

Speed and centralised content maintenance are paramount. This method is ideal for cross-media publication:

  • Set of flyer, brochure and website possible
  • Serial letters
  • Mailing flyer
  • Business cards
  • Print products that require special processing


We are happy to inform you transparently about our prices. For special product inquiries, please contact us. We will gladly make you an individual offer.

ServicePrice per hour
Meeting (Mail, Tel, Skype, MTeams) CHF 174.–
GraphicCHF 174.–
LayoutCHF 174.–
Image editingCHF 174.–
External data transferCHF 174.–
Text entryCHF 174.–
Web development (Programming)CHF 174.–
PersonaliseCHF 174.–
Express work (within 24 hours)CHF 210.–
Data preparationCHF 174.–

All prices are in CHF excl. VAT.

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