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If you choose a CMS, the maximum potential for your web presence can be exploited.

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Form follows function

For Projectsn with a high level of Proprogramming effort, it makes sense for us to create a Prototype (on a wireframe basis) for you. This allows the user experience (UX) to be tested before a single line of code is programmed.

In this way, costly correction runs in the Proprogramming can be avoided.

If desired, a detailed screen design can be created in an additional step, in which the use of colour, font and other design elements (UI) can be seen.

Modern web technologies

In addition to a solid technical foundation (HTML5, CSS3, JS), we value responsive web design. If required, we can develop functions ourselves. This involves higher development costs, but we know the system in detail and can also make extensions as required.

This enables us to offer comprehensive support with tailor-made solutions for you.

Database and interfaces

Content can be centrally managed and meaningfully networked via databases. Multiple filling of content for different applications is no longer necessary.

If your CRM offers an interface, content can be transferred to the website and displayed in the company design. If required, APIs (e.g. Google Maps, DeepL translation, etc.) can also be used.


Through a playful component, we motivate customers to interact with the website (and also forms).

A positive effect of this is that the customer engages with the website and its content for longer. This can also be beneficial for areas such as SEO and increase conversion.

Interactivity can also be used discreetly, e.g.:

  • Scroll through PDFs in an "organic" way.
  • Display tour data on a map
  • Filter thousands of Proproducts according to your own criteria
  • Integrate social media feeds

Search engine optimisation

The positioning of your website on Google and other search engines is anything but a matter of luck. By means of search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA), the position at which the entry appears on a search engine can be partially controlled.

If you invest in an SEO, we can increase the website's performance according to targeted factors (loading times, accessibility and best practices). However, to achieve good SEO, great importance must also be attached to up-to-date and informative content. Therefore, constant maintenance of the website content is essential.


We are happy to inform you transparently about our prices. For special product inquiries, please contact us. We will gladly make you an individual offer.

ServicePrice per hour
Meeting (Mail, Tel, Skype, MTeams) CHF 174.–
GraphicCHF 174.–
LayoutCHF 174.–
Author correctionsCHF 174.–
Image editingCHF 174.–
External data transferCHF 174.–
Text entryCHF 174.–
Web development (Programming)CHF 174.–
ConceptCHF 174.–
Text creationCHF 174.–
Express work (within 24 hours)CHF 210.–
Weekend / Night workCHF 294.–
Data storageCHF 174.–

All prices are in CHF excl. VAT.

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