Image editing

Professional postprocessing

Are gradation curves, colour balance and white balance foreign words to you? No problem. SRT takes care of the professional image processing according to your specifications and wishes.

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Image processing and retouching

Depending on the intended use, different parameters regarding colour space, carrier material or output device have to be taken into account. The existing source material is prepared with a solid technical working method. If necessary, unattractive areas are retouched or enhanced.

The best image is useless if it is not used effectively afterwards. Surprising image formats with a meaningful image section reinforce the previous image processing.

Cropping and image montages

Sometimes backgrounds are unattractive or disturbing. In this case, it is a good idea to "crop" the object or person. Afterwards, a new background or a coloured area can be added.

Image montages are very diverse: collages combine different image elements to form an overall picture. Simulations support the viewer's imagination for things that are still in the project phase.

Effects for an artistic touch

A discreet, selective use stimulates the effect on the reader.

Black and white conversions or recolouring create an impressive effect in their simplicity.


  • Image processing and retouching
  • Cropping and image montage
  • Effects for an artistic touch

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