Paths, vectors and points

Graphic elements can represent and convey complex issues in a simplified form.

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Pictograms are a very reduced representation of objects or situations. We see the language-neutral and cross-media use as a great advantage. In addition, they loosen up texts graphically. For example, they facilitate navigation on a website and thus improve the user experience.

Pictograms underline the corporate character, provided they are integrated into the design concept.

Technical graphics

Their aim is to depict an object as accurately as possible and to explain its technical interrelationships.
Certain details are particularly emphasised. Decisive action steps become more comprehensible for the reader.

Technical illustrations are often used where lay people or users without a technical background are to be made aware of technical information. Special attention should therefore be paid to correct dimensions and proportions, as well as to ensuring that the image contains only relevant information that clearly conveys what it is about.


The art here is to prepare dry numerical material in a palatable and reader-friendly way. Differentiated presentations such as bar or line charts quickly lead the eye to the relevant content.

The expert grasps the content as if by himself. The layperson can be helped to understand the content with graphic aids.
Explanatory texts can thus be kept to a minimum.

With colour and font formatting, your diagrams comply with your design specifications according to the CD manual. They fit into your overall presentation.

Illustration Worlds

The champion among graphic works is the creation of a complete illustration world. It gives your companies a very personal character. The purpose and degree of elaboration must be precisely defined in advance. There is a danger here of getting lost in the details.

This tool can present connections in a simple and tangible way and facilitate identification with the contents and the company.


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ServicePrice per hour
GraphicCHF 174.–
LayoutCHF 174.–
Image researchCHF 174.–
External data transferCHF 174.–
ConceptCHF 174.–
Express work (within 24 hours)CHF 210.–
Data storageCHF 174.–

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