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High-quality printed matter makes a lasting impression on your customers and partners and underlines Professionality, competence and value.

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Business stationery

Your company's primary means of communication and organisation. Therefore, they should be carefully selected in terms of design, but also in terms of the type of paper.

With business cards, stationery and envelopes you are in regular contact with your customers.

Written communication such as offers, invoices or other correspondence
correspondence leaves your company on this business stationery.
We will be happy to design a suitable layout with you according to your wishes or according to the CD template. If possible, we produce your printed matter in-house. This means that we can also implement express orders in an emergency.

Flyers and postcards

You are launching a new Proproduct, a service or inviting people to an event. The flyer is the appropriate means of communication here. To reach your target group without wastage, you can use personalised postcards that cover the desired target group.

Unaddressed advertising can be publicised with a distribution campaign on the street or with a mail drop in the letterboxes.
We will be happy to assist you with the implementation and recommend the optimal advertising channel.


Posters have the advantage that they are in the public space and can be seen 24/7. They are noticed and can achieve a high reach. Precisely selected poster sites convey your message with the greatest possible advertising impact. They support your Proproduct at the point of sale. We will be happy to design the right poster for your next campaign and ensure that the advantages of this medium are optimally used to convey your message.


Would you like to place an advertisement in various print media to attract more attention to your company or a Proproduct? We would be happy to work with you to create an advertisement that will leave a lasting impression on the desired target group thanks to optimal graphic and conceptual preparation. If you wish, we can also organise the publication in the various media for you.


We are happy to inform you transparently about our prices. For special product inquiries, please contact us. We will gladly make you an individual offer.

ServicePrice per hour
LayoutCHF 174.–
Author correctionsCHF 174.–
ProofreadingCHF 174.–
PersonaliseCHF 174.–
Text creationCHF 174.–
Express work (within 24 hours)CHF 210.–
Data preparationCHF 174.–

All prices are in CHF excl. VAT.

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Patric Kurth, Managing Director

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