Corporate Design

The famous red thread

The corporate design defines the visual appearance. In the best case, applications across all channels are included. Adaptations and additions are incorporated on an ongoing basis.

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Colour choice

We associate colours with certain qualities. Blue, for example, we associate with purity and hygiene, while red makes us feel attentive but also loving.
So colours already convey certain emotions.

This can have a supporting effect with logos. Therefore, special attention must be paid to the choice of colours. We will be happy to support you in choosing the colour for your individual brand logo and select the appropriate accent colours with you.

Font choice (typography)

Type not only conveys information - it is also a means of design.

Texts should be easy to read without tiring the eyes so that the reader does not turn away from the text. Distinctive typefaces create an unmistakable corporate identity.

It is also allowed to "play" with individual letters.

Room layout

A successful division of space makes a text more readable and generates tension and attention in the reader.

ProThe use of proportions and the targeted use of white space enables the focused presentation of content. The reader is guided to the relevant content. recognisable elements increase identification with the company.

Corporate Design Manual

With unique branding, you recognise a brand at first sight.
It makes sense to put the defined content in writing. This ensures that all advertising materials have the same "look and feel" and thus pursue the same goal as a unit: The clear and quick recognition of your brand.

The scope of a CD manual can range from minimal in size to an all-encompassing reference work:

  • Definition of colour and font
  • Logo and proportions
  • Technical and design specifications
  • Sample


We are happy to inform you transparently about our prices. For special product inquiries, please contact us. We will gladly make you an individual offer.

ServicePrice per hour
GraphicCHF 174.–
LayoutCHF 174.–
Image editingCHF 174.–
Image researchCHF 174.–
External data transferCHF 174.–
ConceptCHF 174.–
Text creationCHF 174.–
Express work (within 24 hours)CHF 210.–
Data preparationCHF 174.–
Data storageCHF 174.–

All prices are in CHF excl. VAT.

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