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Concepts do important groundwork for successful marketing campaigns. It is important to use the right means at the right time.

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Questions, questions and more questions

Answering the 7 W questions means finding out which parameters are available in which dimensions and where new ones need to be created.
For example, a small budget determines the advertising pressure on the market or the choice of advertising channels.

These seven questions provide the rough framework for each concept.
SRT works with the customer to find answers. These provide the framework and define the future design of the marketing concept.

Structure of a concept

When developing a marketing concept, we take numerous different factors into account. As individual as we are as people, every company has its own character.

The more key points are answered, the clearer the path and implementation will be.

Work stepDescription
Situation analysisCollecting, sifting, verifying, assigning and weighting facts
Target group definitionAnalyse, allocate, determine segments of buyers, manufacturers, service providers, etc.
Target areaRegion of the target group
Time periodStart, end, seasonality
ObjectivesKnowledge, attitude, behaviour, image
StrategyMe-too, Profiliation, market development
Internal and external measuresPR, marketing, advertising, print campaign, online campaign, events, workshops, sponsoring
BudgetFinancial and human resources
ControlMarket survey, response elements, statistics, media publications, sales figures


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Text creationCHF 174.–
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